Why wait to reduce the freight/logistics spend at your business unit? Let’s identify your “challenges” now!

70% of most U.S. Companies dont have the time or the resources to effectively analyze their current transportation network and design a plan for corrective action, or have a formal logistic/distribution network in place.

DiSanto & Associates, Inc. will help identify logistics opportunities by utilizing cost strategies and networking capabilities. We focus on the elimination of “logistical logjams” and allow the creation of a define structure within your transportation and distribution network. DiSanto & Associates, Inc. offers a “hands on” approach to your distribution challenges.

Our Team Works For You

We analyze, diagnose, recommend, coordinate, negotiate, and implement solution for your logistics and distribution spending – all on behalf of your company. Consider us as your strategic partner, helping your company increase its bottom line.

  • Distribution & transportation cost reduction, re alignment and service improvement.
  • Trans-border specialization and evaluation.
  • Academic Logistics
  • Small packages analysis and re-alignment.
  • Opportunities in procurement COGS and supply chain / logistics services.
  • Identifying, evaluating warehouse and transportation service provider, measurements vs. current network.
  • Assist in Selection of third-party logistics (3PL) companies implementation & assistance.
  • Product designations hazardous goods identifiers.
  • Development of positive  relationship with partners.
  • International logistics all modes of transportation, custom brokerage.

We have experience optimizing logistics and distribution in a wide variety of industries from dot.com startups to establish tool manufacturers and more. Our past clients have included retail, consumer, e-commerce, academic logistic and industrial/manufacturing.

Successful project yield at least 20% in cost reduction in transportation & distribution annually.