Do you know what your company is spending on transportation / distribution dollars every year? Every month? You do have the opportunity to reduce and control those cost therefore improve your company’s bottom line

Unnecessary freight spending drastically reduces your profit margin. Most companies don’t have the time or the resources to effectively analyze their current transportation network and design/plan for corrective action.

DiSanto & Associates, Inc. will help your company identify, recommend, implement and resolve non-optimal freight and logistics spending. We have over 30 years of solid, hands-on management and consulting expertise in the distribution/logistics industry.

DiSanto & Associates, Inc. will help identify logistic opportunities by utilizing cost strategies and networking capabilities. We focus on the elimination of “logistical logjams” and allow the creation of a defined structure within your transportation and distribution network. DiSanto & Associates, Inc. offers a “hands on” approach to your distribution challenges.


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